Left Central Incisor: A Lament

Today I am in mourning.imagesCA951OM4

For a tooth.

My daughter’s left central incisor, to be precise; in the space of a few more wobbles, it will be the first to succumb to the Tooth Fairy. (Who now charges upwards of a pound for collection BTW. A pound! In my day etc, etc).

As the mother of an only child this is a new experience for me, but I imagine the departure of a first baby tooth is a milestone for most parents. But this loss signifies more than just a quid from my wallet.

Mark and I heralded the arrival of each and every one of those baby teeth with the zeal of Percy Thrower and his first runner bean shoots.

“Come and feel this!” I’d shout, forefinger jammed between the poor bairn’s drooling jaws. “What do you reckon? Tooth… or bit of biscuit?”

We watched as she went from gummy, gurning toddler to a little girl with a full set of perfect, Haribo-chewing gnashers.

The smile she has now is the same one He knew, the teeth the same ones He helped nurture and clean. But not for much longer.  For incisor will follow incisor, canine will follow canine, and before long she’ll have a new set of tombstones which will completely transform her face.

The loss of this incisor signifies that she is growing up. And with tragic, wearying inevitability, He is missing it.



20 thoughts on “Left Central Incisor: A Lament

  1. I imagine every milestone will be bittersweet. My grandson will be a year old soon and my husband only saw him on the day after his birth for a few hours. It’s hard to imagine all that he has and will miss 😦

    • Bittersweet indeed. And you’re right, this will not be the last ‘milestone’. You must look at your grandson with a mixture of gratitude and despair, knowing that those two dear souls are missing out on each other. So sorry…X

  2. Oh Lucie, beautifully written as always. This is another one of the those firsts that hit you between the eyes. I know it’s no comfort but you’ll be able to tell her the stories of looking for those first teeth and you’ll keep Mark alive for her – because you’re a great mum. Much love my friend xxx

  3. Milestones like this are going to happen and hit you hard, but you have proved through your words that you are a lovely strong lady who is raising a lovely daughter, your memories will always be there.

    I believe that all our angels are up there watching and seeing everything we are doing.

    Many web hugs coming your way xx

  4. Very sad again lucie. Poor you. I love your descriptive writing. My youngest daughter took a year out when her dad was ill but is now finally fulfilling her dream of creative writing in lancaster. They do grow up so quickly. Savour every milestone xxx

  5. Another wonderful blog Lucien! I feel your pain. Matt got to see all our biggest boys new teeth and two of our littlest ones but the he has missed so much already since he died in November and it’s truly heartbreaking isn’t it? Currently bracing myself for the heart wrenching-ness of Callum finishing primary school in July and starting high school in sept! Matt so wanted to see him to high school!! Big love to you and your little girl has a lovely mum who will keep the memory of her lovely daddy alive for her always I’m sure xxx

    • Oh god, that’s truly heartwrenching – a much anticipated move to big school without dad. I too feel your pain Kirstie. November is so…recent, I hope you’re doing OK. (And Lucien is fine – I’ve been called worse!) xx

  6. Poignant story, even without the loss of a spouse. I went through my old memory box the other day and found an old envelope labelled ‘Tooth Fairy’. I shed a tear when I found the note my son wrote to the tooth fairy, telling her he’d accidentally swallowed his tooth, but could he please still collect?

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