With special thanks to…

It’s just as well I didn’t take too much to heart the comments of one of this blog’s early detractors, as last night it won in the Best Personal Blog category of the Blog North Awards.DSC02412

I did nearly stop writing it at that time, for fear that I was deemed to be pissing on Mark’s ashes. Or not grieving correctly. Or writing a load of old cobblers.

But I’m glad I picked myself up and continued. (I’ll admit it took a while, but hey – I’ve faced off worse than that.)

Writing about life after Mark’s death has been better therapy than any amount of money could buy.

I’ve made friends through it, and garnered support from the most unexpected places.

It’s provided me with time to sit and think about the human being I loved more than any other.

So thanks for reading and voting for me.

With special thanks to Him there, in the hat.

23 thoughts on “With special thanks to…

  1. Brilliant! This is well-deserved recognition not only of the great writer you are but of your strength and courage and of your love for that bloke in the hat. So pleased, so proud!! xx

  2. Congratulations! Not sure what the negativity was when the blog started but to somehow belittle or mock somebody’s grief is shameful. I’m glad you discarded it and carried on.

  3. Félicitations! Entirely deserved, and proof that we should never listen to the detractors (especially ourselves.) I hope that as you pass from grieving to mourning, and a life that goes on, you will keep sharing it.

  4. Many congratulations on the award, very proud of you. Sorry we didn’t manage to meet up. Love from the Bury branch of the family xx

    • Thank you so much for the continued support. I wasn’t aware your friend had died last year – you clearly understand the need to hold onto something – however tenuous – to keep the loved one alive somehow. So sorry for your loss. Much love to you too. XX

  5. Congratulations on your award honey – richly deserved for a beautifully written blog (and today’s newspaper article too!) I hope you are going to send your
    original detractor a little note to show her your award – or am I the only childish one who holds a grudge? Xxx

    • No, you’re not the only one who holds a grudge, love. It was terribly cruel and totally uncalled for. However, I have realised since that I am not the only person that woman has upset, and she really isn’t worth it. Thanks for your support though. Love xx

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