Blog North Awards

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contrary to evidence suggested by Queen Victoria’s face, widows aren’t always miserable.

We smile. We laugh. In fact, occasionally we have moments of throw-your-corset-off, lift-your-shroud, unashamed glee.

Call me a phony widow, but I have had two such moments this week. Yes, two! My corset is swinging from the chandelier as we speak!

The moment I want to mention just now is the fact that this blog has been shortlisted in the Blog North Awards.

I’m not sure what I might win, aside from the dubious accolade of being an expert in blabbing about my reckless life since the death of my husband, but the public vote is open until Tuesday 1st October.

Please vote, if you see fit. You can do so here:

If not – One is not amused.

11 thoughts on “Blog North Awards

  1. Drat! Two hours and 22 minutes too late to vote. That’s a lot of too’s too. I would have voted, you know I would….x

  2. 😦 I am a day late and I am oh so very, very sorry. Truly.
    Congrats for the prestigious nomination! You are so talented with your pen…and it comes to me as no surprise that you received this attention. I feel just awful that I did not see this in time. 😦

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