A Very Moving Moment

Statler and Waldorf

Statler and Waldorf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Not bloody tennis again,” said my daughter, aged 5.

“Hail John Inverdale and be quiet. I need to watch it,” I replied.

We were trussed up on the sofa in our pyjamas under a duvet, bickering like Waldorf and Statler. Me with my Rioja, her with her milk and biscuit. The dog was also in residence, inevitably, chewing on the fetid raw-hide remnant he had just exhumed from the garden.

This is what we’ve become. Waldorf, Statler and Animal.

Most parents I know have their kids bathed, booked and in bed by seven. Our evening routine consists of a charging of glasses, a short bicker about choice of televisual viewing (Mummy TV presides after 8pm – my daughter now loves The Apprentice and is rooting for that sultry doctor), then an exodus to bed around 10pm.

Occasionally we’ll have pillow-talk:

“I don’t want curly hair.”

“I don’t like broccoli.”

“Why is Daddy in that box in the wardrobe?”

And then we sleep. Much like the evenings I used to have with the other love of my life, actually. (Pillow-talk aside…)

And when I wake up at 2am, thinking of M, I look over at the person spread-eagled in the bed next to me and the weirdest thing happens: I see Him! In the curve of her neck, the roundness of her cheek, the total calm blanketing her face.

(Statler: This is a very moving moment.

Waldorf: Yeah. I wish they’d move it to Pittsburgh.)

5 thoughts on “A Very Moving Moment

  1. Random – White Russian induced – thoughts from me this evening…

    I love Statler and Waldorf. They are hilarious.

    My mind seems to effortlessly hoover up what you write. That which you write with such great effort, I’m sure. Anyway, t’was a compliment: you write very well.

    What joy that you have that daughter. Painful reminders now. Eternally grateful sentiments later when you look at her all grown up and see the man in her face that you loved so dearly.

    And thank goodness she doesn’t look like the plumber! :Op

    By the way… don’t get back into smoking. You know how hard it was to give up the last time. Keep your body nice and healthy for your daughter’s sake. And if your going to do something naughty, take ecstasy – it’s MUCH more fun! Only joking, of course. [cough]

    And by the by… I “found” [ahem] an electronic copy of Les apprentis (1995)… but unfortunately, I can’t find subtitles anywhere. :O(

    Guten nacht!

    • Your comments always make me feel so good and never fail to bring a smile to my face! Thank you my friend.
      Jesus, imagine if she looked like the plumber…;)
      White Russian, eh? The Dude’s tipple in Lebowski, no? I must confess it’s one drink which has never entered my repertoire. You’ve inspired me to try it.
      I really want you to see Les Apprentis – I don’t know you, but I think you’d like it! I’ll see if I can get hold of a copy and send it through.
      Thanks again for the smiles.
      And keep going with the novel…X

      • Exactly: a Lebowski!

        I think The Dude simply mixed vodka with milk.

        But for the real thing – and it really is delicious (but very naughty) – roughly mix it up like this:

        5 parts vodka
        2 parts Kahlua coffee liqueur
        3 parts fresh cream

        Pour the vodka and Kahlua into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Stir it. Gently top with the cream.

        It’s absolutely delicious, so don’t make the mistake of making only one glass. It goes down real quick!!

  2. That’s a Black Russian…and yessss it does go down quick…drinking it often will make you thick! Unless you are one of those wispy, tall high metabolism people…lol…ah what the heck! All I know is my Czech genes made me short and medium framed…which means when I indulge lavishly upon lattes and stuff, + 5 pounds looks like +10, goes right to my short legs and bum (as you call it) and I look like Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Fantasy girl! LOL! And it takes me forever to lose it.

    On your post: Yes, the first commenter is correct. You will always be able to see him in her which is the lasting legacy of him that nothing can change, erase, or tamper with. A blend of you both, as nature intended us to make. It’s hard to bend our minds around the vast space referred to as the ‘future’, but realize your little girl carries a perfect blend of both of you, hopefully someday to keep moving that blended legacy with unique distinctions which readily identify with you and some that are solely his, as she creates her children…and then wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off into future generations…God only knows how it will be technologically speaking…but generations will view family heirloom pictures or ancestry with images and be able to say, “HAH! I have Great-Grandfather’s chin” or Grandma’s eyes…” So you and he will be ‘seen’ or easily recognized for ages beyond your earthly life. It is so awesome that M was able to create with you an indelible mark (your child) on the world in such a special and lasting legacy. Proof of the loving journey you both made together, guaranteed to remain inseparable, right there in your little girl’s eyes, her laughter, the color of her hair, the nape of her neck…Is that cool or what?! THAT IS moving alright!

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